About Glenhordial Farm and the Bamboo Loft 


Glenhordial Permaculture Farm is situated, just outside Omagh at the edge of the Sperrin Mountains. Here Billy and Marella have been retro-applying permculture principles to living their lives and teaching people about it as they go. The farm has a productive vegetable/ fruit garden, polytunnel, poultry and a 6 year-old forest garden. They heat their home with wood waste that comes from Billy's tree surgery work. They produce their own electricity from photovoltaic cells and heat their water from solar panels. All waste is composted and there are also reed beds and 2 large ponds which are a belt braces back up to their septic tank.



Marella teaches yoga in the newly renovated Bamboo Loft where her mission is


"Helping others to find  wellbeing in their  bodies and peace in their hearts and courage in their souls by teaching alignment based yoga with compassion, kindness and good humour"  




In January 2018 we will be hosting our first teacher training here at the Bamboo Loft. For more information, go to Training page.

Committed to contributing something of substance to life


Here at Glenhordial we are committed to contributing something  of substance to life.We are working with the head, the heart and the hands to create a future that is respectful of all living things, a future full of love. A future that will be source of inspiration and hope for everyone. We are  pushing the boundaries of possibility, knowing with certainiy that this brave new world is there, just out of reach, but with a certainty and  knowing that working with others who are attracted to the same vision we can achieve anything. This deep knowing which surpasses mere belief, which is bigger than faith, that without a shred of evidence to support it, is what keeps us firmly committed to contributing something of substance to life.


We invite you to imagine a world where this possibility is real . Imagine what it would be like for you to live in this world. Imagine your grand children saying to you..."your generation was the greatest one ever, you turned things around and made the world a truly better place to live in" .


To support our vision this is what we offer to you. We invite you to see this as a possibility for you in your world today.We invite you to take that first step along an uncertain road to an unimaginable future. We invite you to imagine the benefit to your life by adopting something simple such as growing your own food, or taking the time to be in silence for five minutes a day. We invite you to look after your own sweet life through caring for your precious body by doing a little  yoga or simply taking the time to be absolutley present in your life. We invite you to enable yourself to be  fit strong and well in mind, heart, body, spirit and soul. We invite you to make a difference today for you yourself in your world,  the world of your family and the world of those future generations to come.

Studio 2

The Original Bamboo Loft (studio 1)                                                       The New Studio 2 




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