Benita and Jack are both Certified Anusara Teachers with a combined 50 years experience of yoga practice and teaching. They share a similar
Anusara yoga background and have been collaborating teaching yoga
retreats, workshops and immersions for many years. They are offering
workshops, retreats, immersions, and teacher trainings rooted in a Celtic
context, infused with Anusara yoga and containing all the essential elements of yoga with Love at "its deep heart's core." - W.B. Yeats.


Jack Harrison is a Certified Anusara Teacher, folklorist and musician. He has worked and studied in all three of these areas for the last 30 years and integrates these paths together in the Celtic School of Yoga and Music Workshops. They include music, breathwork, poetry, myth and yoga. He is a principle author of a seminal book on the parallels between yoga and the Celtic world and he has also recorded three acclaimed albums of yoga music. His teaching is very much based on the changing rhythms of these latitudes and the vital importance of breath in asana.

Benita Wolfe Galvan is a highly experience internationally renowned Anusara yoga teacher as well as a student of Celtic shamanistic mysticism. With thousands of hours experience teaching Anusara yoga trainings, workshops and retreats, she offers a therapeutically aligned, playful dynamic yoga practice, infused with experiential wisdom to inspire a life of love tuned to the Rhythm of Sky, Soul and Earth. Her playful passion is contagious and wicked handstands are almost always on the menu.